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Essentials Complete

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We have bundled 9 of the herbal remedy products we recommend most after a Life Stress Scan and offer them here at a 20% off savings!

Hippocrates believed all disease began in the gut, so that's where we like to start too.

Get them Healthy ~ Keep them Healthy, here's how!

  • Paw-Gest  fills this need to help your pet digest food and utilize all the nutrients.
  • Glacier Peak Gold  tincture, administered internally. GPG contains herbs shown to help addresses both yeasty over growths, and can effectively eliminate the root cause of the allergy-type symptoms.
  • Colloidal Silver has been used historically for centuries to eliminate bacteria in drinking water.  Ours comes in a spray that can provide an added external remedy for allergy type symptoms.  It can be used internally as well.
  • Peak Immune is our best immune system booster - giving an already weakened immune system added support.  The 3oz pouch should be all you need to get a good idea of how well this booster works!

Once you get your pet back in balance,  you'll want to keep them healthy and happy by using:
  •  Daily Defense  Benefits include a natural, safe daily dewormer, herbs traditionally used to detoxify the liver and kidney support. Sea veggies that are high in naturally occurring iodine for thyroid support along with other herbs that have been shown to help support  immune and are high in essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function optimally.
  • Inflapotion™/HerbAprin Combo addresses general mobility and discomfort.  The 3oz pouch of Inflapotion™ and the 20 capsule tin of HerbAprin should be enough for you to see a difference The HerbAprin can work in as little as 20 minutes and the Inflapotion™ usually within 48 hours.
  • Mountain Salve uses the same herbs in Inflapotion™ and adds other herbs known to be soothing, and blends them with essential oils and base oils selected for their healing properties.  This salve is wonderful for wound care, hot spots, rashes and so much more!
If bought separately, the total cost would be $204.15.  Enjoy the 20% savings by ordering the bundle today!

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