Natural Herbal Remedies for Cats

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We are currently working to provide useful and educational information regarding the best herbal remedies to help a wide variety of feline (cat) issues, including pain relief, swelling, arthritis, inflammation, injury, food stressors, heavy metal toxicity and so much more!

Check back soon, but in the meantime, you may want to read further as we will do our best to provide useful information all cat caretakers should know.

Cats in the wild seldom experience the chronic dis-eases that plague our cuddly domesticated fur balls, and the reasons are clear.  Since the beginning of their domestication, cats have been fed a plethora of dubious diets by well meaning caretakers - however, the most damaging has been in the last 100 years or so with the introduction of overly processed kibbles and canned foods.  The result is millions of malnourished pets making them susceptible to illness, dis-ease and a much shorter life span.   Let's get back to that after we take a look at the feline species in general. 

Obligate Carnivores

a Tiger hunting prey

All felines - from Siberian Tigers to the new designer teacups - are obligate carnivores.  What is an "obligate" carnivore?  Wiktionary provides this definition:

"An animal that necessarily subsists on a diet consisting mainly of meat, because it does not possess the physiology to digest vegetable matter. Such animals may consume other materials (vegetable or mineral) for non-nutritional purposes."
(italic emphasis mine)
What it doesn't say is that carnivores can't digest grains either - not without supplemented enzymes.  The "meat" that is necessary for their health is raw (whole carcass - muscle, bone and organ) and contains natural vitamins and essential fatty acids necessary for their entire system to run at optimal levels.  Please take note of the keyword "essential" in the previous sentence.  "Essential" is just that - essential for the cat's health.  It is the vitamins and essential fatty acids that are largely devoid in a modern kibble style diet because they can't survive the heat of the processing.  They also can't be successfully synthesized (chemically reproduced) to be added to either kibble or canned foods.  They are only available through feeding raw meat - providing the necessary building blocks for optimal, natural nutrition.

Processed Pet Foods

This $13 billion dollar industry is largely unregulated except for the efforts of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  However, the AAFCO is NOT a government regulatory agency, but a private, independent agency that has one representative from the FDA on it's board, and staff from the CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine) for investigators.  The rest are mostly pet food industry insiders.  These board members are largely self-governing and as with almost all multi-billion dollar industries, corrupt.  It's a case of the fox guarding the hen house.  In addition, the AAFCO has no authority to enforce any regulation violation nor do they conduct any analytical testing to substantiate producer's claims of nutrient analysis or ingredient lists.

The bottom line is that there is no processed kibble nor canned pet food (dog foods included) that is nutritious and balanced for a carnivore.  The processing alone degrades all the vital, natural nutrients to a point that the manufacturers have to supplement a synthetic "nutrient wash" sprayed over the finished product to meet the claims on the bag.  Is it no wonder our pets suffer from so many illnesses and dis-eases?  A diet devoid of essential nutrients causes the body's systems to break down and become susceptible to all manner of malady.  A key system that is adversely affected is the immune system.  Without the ability to ward off infection, bacteria and virus, it is just a matter of time before our pets develop chronic illnesses that lead to premature death.

Proper Nutrition

Cats require 85- 90% of their diet to be in the form of raw meat protein in order to supply all the essential fatty acids and natural vitamins/minerals necessary for their optimal health.  This fact has spurred the development of a whole new aspect in the pet food industry - the providers of "prepared" and natural carcass raw foods especially formulated for the cat's dietary needs.  Some come in small sealed pouches and contain a ground mixture of muscle, bone and organs in the proper ratio.  Some are whole carcass meats that your cat can consume on her own.   Most combine their products to include dog formulas too.  The good news is that you can now find raw sources that are readily available and most are becoming more affordable as word spreads.  Most will also ship directly to your door.  The difference you will see in your dearly loved cat will be amazing.  Of course, it may take a little time of combining the new raw with the old kibble, however, most cats will know instinctively that the raw is their natural food source and readily take to it.  In rare instances, some cats refuse the raw so their caregivers lightly saute it before feeding.  We use the term "lightly" because once food reaches a temperature of 118° the natural enzymes (necessary for digestion), vitamins and essential fatty acids begin to degrade.  A raw diet should be exactly that - or as close as you can keep it to it's natural state.  If "Kitty" turns her nose up at raw, it won't hurt her at all to fast a day or even two.  That raw food will look better and better as her hunger rises.

Natural Herbal Remedies

If your cat is currently exhibiting allergy-type symptoms, it would be best to know if those symptoms are specific to a certain protein or vegetable, environmental contact or internal illness.  Our Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is so much more than the typical allergy test offered by traditional medicine.  It can give you a road map of where to start in restoring your cat's health and well being.  The scan detects stressors in over 200 common foods and 100+ environmental items, plus, it identifies specific energetic imbalances within the system that may need additional herbal assistance to overcome.

Glacier Peak Gold is our "go to" formula to assist the immune system in removing internal fungus, virus and bacteria that may be the cause of the allergy-type symptoms.  It is in a tincture form and sports a handy eyedropper lid making it easy to administer.  It also takes a full 30 days to complete its cycle - 10 days on - 10 days off - 10 days on.  This cycle gives the system a break so toxins can be eliminated midway without causing too much to accumulate prior to complete elimination.

During the 10 day break, we suggest Peak Immune be added to supercharge the immune system during the detox process and beyond.  The nutritional stress the pet has been under normally depletes the energy necessary for the immune system to function properly.  Peak Immune can restore the immune system to its full potential.  Peak Immune is also available in tincture form as well as a handy, easy to mix powder.  Normal dosage is once per day for 10 days, so it fits beautifully in the 10 day break from Glacier Peak Gold.  If the pet is very debilitated, this dosage can be repeated up to 3 times with 10 day breaks between.  We also suggest Peak Immune be used 4 times per year for healthy pets simply to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy.

A good addition for continued health and vitality would be Daily Defense.  Even finicky cats seem to like the taste, however, when mixed in their food, most never even know it's there.  Daily Defense keeps their immune system running at its peak, helps to eliminate intestinal worms, supports the thyroid, gently detoxifies the liver and kidneys as well as provides several vitamins and minerals.

Inflapotion™ is by far, our most popular herbal remedy.  Originally formulated to relieve a fungus called "Scratches" in horses, it soon proved it worth in other areas and other species.  Today, horses, dogs & cats enjoy the benefits of this powerful anti-inflammation remedy.  Inflapotion works systemically, so it doesn't matter if the inflammation is due to a surgery or external injury to internal bowel irritation or tissue inflammation anywhere in the body.  The tincture formula is usually the one we recommend for kitties as our capsules are a bit too big.  However, we also have a powder form that is more economical, and soon we will have a smaller 4 ounce pouch especially for cats!

When your beloved cat has an open wound or a hot spot or even an irritated rash, Mountain Salve can come to the rescue.  This healing salve contains all the same anti-inflammatory herbs as our Inflapotion™ with the added benefits of essential oils and carrier oils like coconut oil that are known antibacterials.  Most pets don't like the taste, so it should stay where you put it, however, there's always that one - if your kitty should lick it off, just reapply as the only side effect may be the elimination of hairballs.

Natural Non-Herbal Products

Colloidal Silver has been used for many decades as an effective antibacterial agent, in fact, in the late 1800's it was common medical knowledge that silver in relatively low concentrations is lethal to bacteria.  Our product is ionized and diluted to approximately 5ppm making it more beneficial for pets.  We package it in a 2 ounce bottle with a spray mist top so you can mist their faces, ears and other sensitive spots without causing too much stress.  You can also spray their water bowls and food too.

A fairly new product to the pet health arsenal is Zeolite Clinoptilolite - a naturally mined mineral compound that is extremely effective in removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and many other potentially harmful toxins from the body.  It is micronized to retain it's natural honeycomb structure which traps and holds the toxins while transporting them out of the body via urine or feces.  Ours is pharmaceutical grade and will be able to enter the bloodstream where a great number of toxins reside.  Because it traps the toxins and eliminates them daily, there is little or no buildup that can cause that sickly feeling during a cleanse.  This stuff really is the cat's meow in the world of detoxifiers and that's not it's only benefit!  Please read the description on the product page for a more complete picture of what this can do for your cat's overall health.

If your cat has been subsisting on a diet of kibble or processed canned food, she/he will most likely need a little help as their immune system can become compromised.  We start by recommending you supplement their digestive enzymes (Digest Basic) and probiotics (Pro-Bio) to protect the digestive system while they detoxify, and also to assist the system in becoming balanced.  Both are human grade, vegetarian source, gluten free, non-GMO and pure form with no fillers, binders or additives.  These products also aid in the complete absorption, assimilation and elimination of food intake.  You would give approximately ½ capsule of the Digest Basic in the morning and ½ capsule in the evening.  Also, ½ capsule of the Pro-bio once a day.  You can just open the capsules and sprinkle it over the food, then reserve the rest by replacing the capsule ends.  These are natural, so you don't have to use an exact measure - a little more or a little less won't hurt.  The probiotics are extremely helpful if you have been using any antibiotics or if you choose to use our Glacier Peak Gold.  Both tend to kill bacteria indiscriminately, so it is necessary to replenish the natural bacterial flora necessary for digestion.

Something that is frequently overlooked as being non-treatable is emotional and/or behavioral issues.  They are chalked up to the result of past or present traumas or unknown sources and thought to be just part of the package.  This is where our custom Bach Flower remedy shines!  Each pet receives a customized blend of 5 or more flower essences that are chosen to address their specific issues.  Determining the right blend is done by your submission of hair and saliva samples.  Deb then uses kinesiology and formulates each remedy accordingly.  What you receive is a small bottle of the "mother" blend and a 2 ounce pre-mixed spray bottle so you can begin right away.  There are also directions for mixing more as needed and a printout of the issues revealed through kinesiology.

On the Horizon

As all cat caretakers know, there is little support able to be given for pain.  Cats simply can't take aspirin or most NSAID pain relievers due to the harmful side effects specific to cats.  That leaves next to nothing to relieve their pain.  We have felt your pain, so Deb is working to develop an alternative herbal pain reliever that is safe for cats - and works!  We are also looking at offering urinary tract support and a safe, effective natural bladder infection remedy.

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