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alternative herbal remedies for allergy type symptoms, joint issues, pain relievers

Natural, Herbal Alternative Remedies for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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  Glacier Peak Gold
Inflapotion More Than An Allergy Test
Glacier Peak Gold

Glacier Peak Holistics (GPH) is a leader in natural pain management and  allergy symptom relief.  Our products are synergistically blended to give your dog, cat, or horse a better quality of life, without compromising their longevity.  By using these formulas, negative side effects, so common in prescription drugs, can finally become a thing of the past.  Our herbal formulas are for those seeking an alternative to the damaging effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Whether the issue is from injury, pain after surgery, hip dysplasia or aging conditions like arthritis, our pain management products relieve painful discomfort and swelling, usually within 48 hours.  These same herbal formulas have been proven to repair and regenerate tissue on the cellular level.  Our herbal formulas are designed to regenerate, repair and restore the body.  While our formulas reduce discomfort, they also speed up the healing process.  They are ideal for the long term comfort of your senior pet.  At GPH, we are dedicated to helping you get and keep your animal pain free.  Read more

More Than An Allergy Test can help with the food allergy symptoms that can drive both you and your pet crazy.  Our Alternative Sensitivity Assessment test will narrow your focus to the triggers and sensitivities in what they eat and in their environment. These are most likely contributing to their discomfort by  aggravating the underlying issues.  We also provide a list of beneficial supplements, homeopathics, and herbal remedies to stop allergic reactions and protect your pet from within.  Our specialized herbal formulas will help you address the root cause of the allergy type symptoms and bring your pet back into balance.  Read more...

GPH also offers a daily herbal nutritional, an immune builder as well as other remedies for more specific issues.  Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you with your pet's issues.

GPH has been committed to animal health and wellness for over two decades.  Our natural herbal remedies are made with 100% organic herbs, and always made in small batches by hand to ensure quality.

Glacier Peak Holistics is a rescue-friendly company that offers a 10% discount to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
We love helping improve the health of homeless and neglected pets so they can find their forever homes!

Thank you for shopping at Glacier Peak Holistics!

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Featured Products
Glacier Peak Gold™ ~ 1 oz Tincture
Glacier Peak Gold™ ~ 1 oz Tincture
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $39.95
Peak Immune™  120 Capsules
Peak Immune™ 120 Capsules
Average Rating 1 Review(s)
Your Price: $27.95
Comfort Care Kit ~ To-Go Tiny Tins
Comfort Care Kit ~ To-Go Tiny Tins
Your Price: $25.50
Herbal Aspirin ~ 2 oz tincture
Herbal Aspirin ~ 2 oz tincture
Your Price: $49.95
Inflapotion™ ~ 240 Capsules
Inflapotion™ ~ 240 Capsules
Your Price: $49.95
Herbal Aspirin™ ~ 2 lb Pouch
Herbal Aspirin™ ~ 2 lb Pouch
Your Price: $79.95

Glacier Peak Holistics does not claim to diagnose, prescribe or treat by using our products.

If you have concerns about your pet's health, please consult your veterinarian.

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